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History of the Faith

Rise of Islam

The history of the faith all started with Muhammad.Muhammad was born in Mecca.  When he was young he led caravans across the desert. thats how he met his future wife. She was a caravan buisness owner. Khadija, was an older widow. She proposed to Muhammad and they got married.   Islam was founded by the Muhammad in 662 A.D. Muhammad had a vision from God. He was meditating when the angel Gabriel told him Muhammad that he was the prophet of God. This vision also told him to go against false gods and worship one god, Allah. Muhammad told Khadija about his vision and she believed and encouraged him to follow his vision. This made Muhammad the first muslim and Khadija the first Muslim convert. Not many people listened to Muhammad when he told them about his vision. It made Meccan merchants angry. In 622, Khadija, and the Prophets followers went to Yathrib on a journey known as a hijra. Yathrib is now know as Medina, the "city of the prophet" Arabs in Medina welcomed Muhammad. the hijra was a very important time in Muslim history. In 630, Muhammad returned to Mecca, in triumph. Muhammad died 2 years later after doing his best to unite the Arabs. The first Caliph, or Successor to Muhammad (as a religious and political leader) was Abu Bakar. He was friends with Muhammad and also the second convert to the faith.He was elected as the caliph. 2 years after becoming the first caliph  Abu Bakar died. the next caliph, who was also elected was Omar. Omar spread the faith to places such as Syria, Palistine, and Iraq. He was murdered. The next elected caliph was Uthman. He spread Islam to places like Egypt, Lybia, North Africa, and the Persian and Byzantine empires. He was also Murdered. The next caliph was Ali, Muhammad's son in law. Ali was not elected as a caliph. A group of people known as  Shiites believes that the only successor to Muhammad could be someone from his family(Ali). A group of People called the Sunnis felt that the caliph should be elected by the Muslim community. So the muslim communtiy elected a new caliph, Muayria. Now the muslim religion had 2 caliphs. A war broke out between the 2 groups of people and Ali was murdered. In the eyes of the Shiites, the new prophet was Ali's son, Hassan. Hassan is also murdered by Muayria and the Sunnis. By this time, Muayria has started a dynasty known as the Umayyad dynasty. Again, in the eyes of the Shiites, Another relation to Muhammad is the new caliph. It is Ali's other son, Hussien. Hussien is also murdered and the Umayyad Dynasty still goes on.


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