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Myths and Misconceptions Of Islam

Myths and Misconceptions

Many People do not understand the Islamic community. They believe everything they hear in the media and don't follow up on what they hear, to make sure its true. Some may be true, but there is always more to it than it may seem.
1. Jews are Hated by Islam
         - Not True because...
Muslims are not supposed to hate innocent people. They are supposed to respect Jews because they worship the same god. The hatred Between Arabs and Isralies is POLITICAL!
2. All Muslims are violent terrorists.
          - not true because...
The Media gives the impression that all muslims are terrorists. No where in Islam believes in killing people.
3. Muslims worship a different god:
         - not true because...
Allah is just the islamic word for god, not a different god. Just a different way to say god. Muslims believe in the same god as Christians and Jews.
4. All Muslim men marry 4 wives:
        - not true because...
No muslim woman is forced to marry someone if they do not want to. Muslim men are allowed to have 4 wives. Not all do though.

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